Table, Chair, Parties, Packages and Fundraisers

MKY Clients enjoy a transformational journey of mind and body stress release.

MKY specializes in relaxation and restoration.

The energy and touch therapy techniques applied allow the Client to move

out of their busy mind and into the awareness of their body.


One massage each week, every two weeks or monthly is the best way to create and

sustain the stress release your mind and body desire and deserve.


If you love massage then give your body what it calls for and book your treatment(s) today!

Packages are available and encouraged for those ready to

begin/continue their transformational journey toward ease and calm.

Gratuity is gratefully accepted and not ever expected.

Accepted Payment Options: Credit Card, Cash, Venmo App, PayPal and Check

Table Massage

45 to 60 Minutes

60 to 75 Minutes

75 to 90 Minutes

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Mobile Chair Massage

Residential:  20 Minutes

Corporate:  60 Minutes (More Info Below)

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Kids Massage (17 & Under)

15 to 30 Minutes

45 to 60 Minutes

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Massage Social (up to 5 participants, to include Host(ess))

20 Minute Chair Massage

Gather your tribe for a night of relaxation and restoration. Host(ess) receives chair massage FREE or 50% off a future 60 or 90 minute table massage.


Massage Packages & Gift Certificate Bundles

(3) 45 to 60 Minute

(6) 45 to 60 Minute


(3) 60 to 75 Minute

(6) 60 to 75 Minute


(3) 75 to 90 Minute

(6) 75 to 90 Minute


A massage package is the perfect

support system to your transformational journey towards relaxation and


Purchase a package with a 

group of friends and you all save!

Got Employees or Clients?

Purchase a Gift Certificate Bundle to let

each of your team know how much you

value their commitment and effort.

$160 ($53 per)

$300 ($50 per)

$200 ($67 per)

$375 ($63 per)

$250 ($83 per)

$450 ($75 per)

Emotional Balancing

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

Gentle tough-love Q&A intended to guide and support your Stress Release &

Relationship Translation.

A 30-minute Emotional Balancing

Session is a great add-on to your

massage treatment.

"Ease your mind so you may remain

present, within your body, during your

massage." ~Krista, Owner, C.M.T.



Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to

pamper yourself or a loved one.

See prices above

Gift Certificate Fundraisers

MKY Donates

Contact MKY to plan a fundraiser for

your school, group or organization.


Corporate Chair Massage

Are you an employer seeking new ways to increase productivity, lower stress and reduce absenteeism

while boosting morale and lowering health and workers' compensation costs?

Show your employees you value their health and ​wellness by offering relaxing and restorative Chair Massage.

Your organization's bottomline is at stake when your staff isn't at their best.

Invest in their wellness and your success by choosing to offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly chair massage to your team.

Click the Corporate Chair Massage Information Sheet below to view the details. Click here to initiate contact with Massage Kneads You!

MKY looks forward to supporting the team of people that keep your organization running.