About Krista VonWiller, Owner, C.M.T.

Krista is a native San Diegan and completed her massage program with Mueller College of Holistic Studies in 2007. Prior to her transition she spent 10+ years in the corporate environment as a Human Resources Professional.

She is focused on guiding the Client out of their mind (via Emotional Balancing) and into the awareness of their body, allowing them the best opportunity to receive the full benefit of their massage. She genuinely enjoys giving massage and knows the healing power that touch therapy offers.

With that knowledge, Krista has created an experience that is unique and 100% considerate of her Client's needs. With each Relaxation & Restoration table treatment she gratefully includes:

  • Client Intake
  • Micro Emotional Balancing Session (up to 15 minutes)
  • Relaxation Massage (Full Body), which includes:
    • Hot Stones
    • Hot Towels
    • Warmed Virgin & Unrefined Coconut Oil
    • Aromatherapy (received via oil diffuser, face cradle and/or towels)
    • Heated Massage Table

As a Relationship Coach, Krista specializes in Emotional Wellness and works with Kids, Men, Women and Couples in the areas of Stress Release and Relationship Translation.

Krista is an Intuitive, Empathic Healer, purposed to help people feel well and balanced within their respective lives. She uses the platforms of massage, transformational coaching, public speaking, digital art and writing to help others remember they are perfectly unique, special and deserving of the life they desire.