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Kids Massage

Do you have one or more kiddos between the ages of 5 and 17 in need of calming relaxation?

Kids Massage is a wonderful option for your youngsters. It's too often that we see kiddos today full of stress and anxiety.

If your kiddo is anything like mine then they are also extremely hard on their bodies during play.

Self-care isn't just for adults. Start your kiddos young so they understand the benefits of taking care of their bodies.

Gift Certificates

Always a great way to show the lovers of relaxation massage in your life, that you care.

Have lots to shop for? Maybe you need an awesome way to let your Clients and Employees know that you care about their self-care.

Purchase as a bundle and save!

Gift Certificate Fundraiser

Contact Massage Kneads You! to plan a fundraiser for

your school, group or organization.

MKY gratefully donates 20% of total sales.